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.img File Information


Using SendMap (or similar utility) to upload maps to Garmin GPS mapping units can be an exercise in chance since it's hard to determine which .img file corresponds to what area. The utility below aids the effort by scanning a directory of .img files and displaying the area/description fields associated with each file.


Download the ImgInfo utility, unzip the archive and place the executable file in any convenient location. Double-click the executable and the utility will appear, as shown below:

ImgInfo utility screenshot


Select the image file directory either by browsing to the folder (by clicking on the folder icon) or by manually typing in the path. Check the "CSV output" checkbox if you would like the output to be comma separated values (CSV) otherwise the output will be formatted for viewing. Click the "Get Info" button and the utility will scan the specified directory and display the area/description information for each .img file found. The results can be copied/pasted to other applications.

Perl Script

The original perl script can be obtained here.

Last updated: 3 November 2008