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Iron Range OHV Recreation Area Map

Android Locus application


The Iron Range OHV Recreation Area map is an off-line (no cellular connection required) mapset designed for use on Android phones and other devices with GPS capability. Features of the mapset include:

- Detailed trail information (including names and classifications)
- Area and POI information
- Map detail of Gilbert and the surrounding area


The Iron Range OHVRA mapset should work on any device running an application that is compatible with the MBTile format. It has been successfully tested with the following device/software combinations:

- The free Locus mapping application for Android phones and devices.
- The free MapBox mapping application for the Apple iPad.
- (still looking for a compatible application for the Apple Iphone)


This file contains the mapset in MBTiles format. Installation instructions can be found in this README document.

NOTE: An older version of the mapset, limited to Garmin GPS devices, can be found here.


Any feedback (comments, corrections, questions, etc.) is welcome and encouraged. I primarily make these maps for my own use and as a learning experience but it is good to hear when others find them useful. Please direct all feedback to the email address shown at the top of this page.

Support this Effort

This mapset is free to download and use but if you find these maps useful please consider making a donation to help offset the costs incurred in producing and offering them (software licenses, website hosting, etc.)

Online Viewer

The following online map viewer displays the Iron Range OHVRA mapset - this is exactly the same mapset that will be displayed on your mobile device:

Data Sources

The GIS data sets utilized for creating this map was obtained from the following sources:

The mapset utilizes general street map data for Gilbert and the surrounding area from the community driven OpenStreetMap.org. The map data is © OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.

Minnesota DNR
The mapset utilizes trail, area and point data for the Iron Range OHVRA from the Minnesota DNR's Geospatial Commons.

Last updated: 7 June 2020