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Custom Mapsets for Mobile Devices and Garmin GPS Units

The following projects involve creating custom mapsets for mobile devices (Android phones, etc.) and Garmin GPS mapping units. The mapsets for mobiles devices are loaded directly onto the phone/device and do not require a cellular connection. The GPS mapsets can be uploaded directly into the GPS units or integrated into Garmin's MapSource (on PCs) and Garmin's Bobcat/MapInstall (on Macs). Please note that the use of custom mapsets is not supported by Garmin.

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Maps for Mobile Devices

Iron Range (Gilbert) OHV Recreation Area: Custom mapset of the Iron Range OHV Recreation Area near Gilbert, MN. Feature trail names & classifications, POIs/areas and map detail of the surrounding area.

State Topo Maps

Custom topo mapsets for various states featuring data layers for transportation, hydrology, land use, elevation contours and POIs. The follwing states are available:


Custom topo mapsets for various states authored by Dan (Oz) of the GpsFileDepot. The follwing states are available:

New Mexico

4WD Trail Maps

Colorado 4WD Trails Custom mapset for most of the documented 4wd trails in Colorado. This is a work in progress - trails are added as data is obtained and time allows.

Minnesota ORV Trails: Custom mapset of OHV (Off Highway Vehicles) trails in the state of Minnesota. OHVs include ORVs (Off Road Vehicles), OHMs (Off Highway Motorcycles) and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles). This is a work in progress - trails are added as data is obtained.


Minnesota Hiking/Walking Trails: FUTURE PROJECT - Custom mapset for all hiking trails in Minnesota. Check back for updates.

Resources for Custom Mapsets

The following pages contain miscellaneous information regarding creating custom mapsets for Garmin GPS units.

Switching Map Sets: A short tutorial (with screenshots) describing how to easily switch between different mapsets on Garmin GPS mapping units.

.img File Information: A simple utility that parses .img map files for name and location information.

Creating Mapset Installers: An installation utility to create self-installing packages for distributing custom mapsets.

Map Resources

State Digital Map Data: A listing and description of favorite websites providing GIS data that can be used for map creation. Data types include Digital Raster Graphics (digital images such as street maps, topos, aerial photos, satellite imagery, etc.), Digital Vector Graphics (vector data such as roadways, railroads, lakes, rivers, boundaries, etc.) and Digital Elevation Models.