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State Digital Map Data


This page contains information and resources pertaining to digital map data available for each state. The primary focus is on DRGs (digital raster graphics such as street maps, topos, aerial photos, satellite imagery, etc.), DLGs (digital line graphics such as roadways, railroads, lakes, rivers, boundaries, etc.) and DEMs (digital elevation models)

State Data


Indiana Spatial Data Portal

This site provides access to more than 1.4 Terabytes of Indiana GIS data. Most data sets are available to the public for download and have no use restrictions.

- 1 foot (6 inch for select counties) natural color orthophotos (2005)

GIS Atlas

Statewide interactive maps and free data downloads; provided by the Indiana Geological Survey (IGS).

Last updated: 23 Jan 2006


DNR Data Deli

An internet-based spatial data acquisition site that allows users to download raw computer-readable data for use in their Geographic Information System (GIS), image processing system, or traditional database environment.

- 1 meter natural color Farm Services Administration (FSA) orthophotos (2003-2004)

Map (GUI) based data search/selection. Datasets under 20MB can be downloaded immediately otherwise the request will be processed and an email notification sent when the dataset is ready.

MNDOT BaseMap Data

The BaseMap is a planning level set of data developed at a scale of 1:24000. The data set includes information about transportation features (roads, railroads and navigable waters), as well as boundary information (State, County, and Municipal Boundaries, Mn/DOT District Boundaries, Civil, and Congressional Townships, State Forests and Parks, Military Reservations, Indian Reservation Lands, National Forests and Parks), and stream and lake locations.

Indexed based data selection, direct (HTTP) data download.

MetroGIS DataFinder

DataFinder is a mechanism for sharing GIS (Geographic Information System) data among users in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area of Minnesota.


A tool to help you quickly search for geographic data about Minnesota and its neighboring regions.

Last updated: 23 Jan 2006


Automated Geographic Reference Center

The Utah Automated Geographic Reference Center (AGRC) provides a wide range of Geographic Information System (GIS) support to the State of Utah.

Last updated: 23 Jan 2006


DNR Geographic Information Systems

Develop and maintain the GIS technology, tools, databases, and applications which provide spatial data management, analysis, and mapping capabilities to support DNR policy evaluation, decision-making, and program operations.

DOA Geographic Information Systems

Last updated: 23 Jan 2006